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Make and model: Ford Mondeo
Type: passenger car
Bodytype: touring
First registration: 02/2014
Color: dark blue met.
Mileage: 255,000 km
Price: EUR 5900
VAT 0%
Number of doors: 5
Seats: 5
Engine: 2.0 TDCI (120 kW)
Base curb weight: 1592 kg
Gross vehicle weight rating: 2335 kg
Load carring capacity: 743 kg
Wheelbase: 2850 mm
Drive shaft: front-wheel drive
Transmission: manual 6-käiku
Max speed: 210 km/h
Fuel: diesel
Fuel consumption on a freeway: 4.5 (l/100 km)
Average fuel consumption: 5.2 (l/100 km)
Fuel consumption in a city: 6.5 (l/100 km)
Length x Width x Height: 4858 x 1886 x 1548 (mm)
Equipment: climate control, power steering, central locking (with remote control), ABS brakes, airbag, side curtain airbags, immobilizer, third brake light, stability control, braking force regulator, traction control, rain sensor, front passenger airbag isolation, fog lights (front, rear), headlight range adjustment, LED (daytime running lights), special light switch-dim-dip-light, summer tires, light alloy wheels (Originaal), steering wheel adjustment (height and depth), multifunctional steering wheel, leather steering wheel, car stereo (CD, MP3, with USB interface, with memory card interface, original), speakers, screen (in front), navigation system (with map), onboard computer, car phone, hands free, GSM antenna, fine laths inside saloon, interior mats, cup holders, leather shift lever, leather-coated hand brake handle, textile upholstery, adjustable seat height (driver's seat), front armrest (with compartment), rear armrest, down folding back rest, electrically adjustable mirrors (heated mirrors), 4x power windows, cruise control, mirrors in sunshields, inside illuminated doors, parking aid (front, rear), Coming-/Leaving-Home system, 12v power outlet, rear window heating, outside temperature display, rear window cleaner
Other: Registered in Estonia, inspection valid until 03.2025
Location of a vehicle: Pärnu, Estonia

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