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Make and model: BMW 320
Type: passenger car
Bodytype: touring
First registration: 2006
Color: black met.
Mileage: 223,400 km

service book

Price: EUR 4490
VAT 0%
Bargain price: EUR 3950
VAT 0%
VIN: WBAVU31040KY33523
Number of doors: 5
Seats: 5
Engine: (120 kW)
Drive shaft: rear-wheel drive
Transmission: manual 6-käiku
Fuel: diesel
Equipment: climate control, power steering, central locking (with remote control), ABS brakes, 8x airbag, immobilizer, third brake light, stability control, braking force regulator, traction control, fog lights (front, rear), headlight range adjustment, special light switch-dim-dip-light, summer tires, steering wheel adjustment (height and depth), multifunctional steering wheel, leather steering wheel, car stereo (CD, original), speakers, onboard computer, GSM antenna, fine laths inside saloon, interior mats, cup holders (in the front), textile upholstery, adjustable seat height (driver's seat, front passenger seat), front armrest, electrically adjustable mirrors (heated mirrors), 4x power windows, 2x mirrors in sunshields, inside illuminated doors, spot lights, 12v power outlet, luggage cover, rear window heating, outside temperature display
Other: Location of a vehicle: Pärnu, Estonia

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